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Society of Don Guanella Major Seminary

Reg. No. SI 84/1998

Samupillai Nagar, Cuddalore - 607 001

Don Guanella Rehabilation Objectives

The main objectives of rehabilitation centre are:

  1. A growing awareness of God
  2. A growing understanding and acceptance of oneself
  3. Growth in Christian life
  4. Increase maturity and emotional stability
  5. Identifying the needs of the “good children” and their gifts and strengths.

The purpose of the rehabilitation centre is to follow the example of Christ, the Good Shepherd and Good Samaritan and to walk in the footsteps of our founder, St. Louis Guanella. We are searching and caring for the poor, the suffering, the abandoned, and the wounded members of God’s family. In particular, we reach out to and serve indigent children, persons with disabilities, elderly deprived of human support, and youth and families in a state of material and moral abandonment.