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Society of Don Guanella Major Seminary

Reg. No. SI 84/1998

Samupillai Nagar, Cuddalore - 607 001

Don Guanella Rehabilation History

In the year 1999, a group of theologians from Don Guanella Major Seminary (DGMS) seminary had an idea to bring together the “Good Children” in order to entertain them on a Sunday evening. Then, this small community happened to transfer to Old Police Station Road in front of the Sacred Heart seminary because of insufficient facilities. They planned to continue their activities in a small house which exists in front of the major seminary. Many years ago, this small house was called “Valloja Hospital” and, when the construction of the Major Seminary was proceeding, the supervisors of the building stayed in this small house.
Fr. Aloysius was the first director to guide this house with his experience. From June 1999, under his precious guidance, this house began to develop. The first thing to be done was to re-structure the house because it was used by the supervisors for their residence. This work was completed by Fr John Joseph who was procurator of DGMS. At that time, the superior was Fr. Nico Rutigliano, the Italian who was very much interested in Guanellian Apostolic Service. Finally, this house was inaugurated on 19 December 1999 on the occasion of 157th anniversary of the birthday of our Founde,r Fr. Louis Guanella.