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Society of Don Guanella Major Seminary

Reg. No. SI 84/1998

Samupillai Nagar, Cuddalore - 607 001

Our Objectives

The objects for which the society of Don Guanella Major Seminary is established.

1. To maintain the spiritual interest of the society by the provision of missionaries, educational institution, orphanages, hostels, boarding houses, and generally to do everything towards the advancement of religious and charitable objects of the congregation of the servants of charity.

a. The institutions so established are primarily for the benefit of the Catholics as this has been the aim at the time of establishment by the congregation of servants of charity. However admission is not to be denied to others on the ground of religion, race, caste or community.
b. To disseminate the word of God through the media of education to catholic students.
c. To given catholic students good religion and secular education, so as to make them good catholic citizen.
d. To take all efforts to improve the Christian, social and cultural development among the Catholic students..
e. To give special concessions to poor catholic students, who are socially and economically backward?
f. To employ staff who are well versed in the Roman Catholic religious tents.

2. To promote the Social, educational, industrial, technical, agricultural and other interests and welfare of the section of the society indiscriminately of caste or creed.

3. To establish new ones and administer the existing charitable, educational undertakings, projects and institutions.

4. To care for the sick, the aged, the maimed, the wounded, the handicapped, the widows and orphans and the displaced persons among the common people of the land and in particular among the poorer, the weaker section of society. Irrespective of considerations like caste, creed, race or religion of such people.

5. To promote National Unity, Universal Brotherhood, public health, Social service among all men and all sections of society and in particular among the poorer sections of society.

6. To establish, administer and maintain Schools, colleges industrial Schools, Technical and social service centers, Hospitals, dispensaries, creches, Home for the aged, Hostels, including hostel for working women, Boarding Houses, orphanages, Social charitable welfare and cultural centers for all persons of a community irrespective of a race, religion, caste, creed, and to found, start, establish, administer run and maintain, model agricultural, poultry, horticultural and other farms and small scale industry units to help the needy.
7. To organize and encourage the people in small savings schemes for betterment of their future.

8. To select and appoint staff needed at all levels, to man the various institutions, projects, Works and activities of the society, established and administered to carry out its educational and charitable objects and purposes, including the personal needed in and for the management of the society and such appointments shall be chosen first from among members of the society if qualified and available and if not so available then and then only from other person qualified.
9. To attend the needs and maintenance of the personnel selected from and out of the members and otherwise, to supply the necessary implements to carry out the objects of the society.

10. The acquisition of property movable and immovable, In conformity with the law of the land.

11. To receive and use any gift, donation, foundation or endowment in cash or kind or in property,movable and immovable and otherwise upon such terms and conditions and to undertake and carry out all the functions and duties of trustees and/or mangers, and/or administers solely, or jointly with other or others in respect of any such gift, donations, foundations, fund or endowment whether vested in the society or not.

12. To subscribe to donate or to finance and otherwise aid any other organization religious and charitable or secular with similar objectives of a general or special and limited kind, whether such organization is purely private or purely governmental or partly so.

13. To set apart, found, start, establish, administer, and maintain funds;
For all or any new programmes, activities, projects, and works of the society in furtherance of its objects and in particular for the replacement,replenishment and augmentation of equipment, furniture and paraphernalia of any of the institutions, religious and charitable and secular of the society.
And for the purpose of erection, alteration or extension of any buildings and structures of the society

14. To apply for, receive, utilize, and deal with any Government, Municipal or other grant – in- aid allotments and allowances in cash or kind in connection with any institution, works, project, or activity of the society.

15. To deal with, negotiate and enter into any agreement or arrangement with any Government, Municipality or any public body or local authority or any University or with an any private individual or group or association of persons in respect of any matter of thing or property as may seen beneficial or conducive to the furtherance of the objects of the society.

16. To open current accounts, saving bank accounts and other accounts with one or more banks and to deposit and withdraw monies therein and there from, and to deposit monies by way of fixed deposits, call deposits and other time deposits with such bank or banks and open such terms and conditions as may be decided upon by the society from time to time.

17. To education, train and to assist financially and otherwise the education and training, general or specialized in India or abroad of the members of the society and other personnel for the purpose of the society and in particular to meet the expenses of visiting members of society living abroad and otherwise, during and in connection with their visits either in the ordinary course of business or for an any particular specialized work or duty or while attending refresher or training or Orientation Courses in India or abroad

18. To devise and implement ways and means, measures and schemes for the welfare of the members of the society and the staff, employees and personnel involved in the various activities of the society and its Institutions.

19. To grant or advance, financial assistance on such terms and conditions as the society may decide to persons in need as part of the programme of the society for social services and in exercise of its charitable objects irrespective of caste, creed, and race whether they are members of the society or no;

20. To appoint, nominate and empower any person or persons from among the members of the governing Body or from other members of the society to represent it in any proceedings in court and elsewhere as may be instituted by or against the society and to do all things as may be necessary b for safeguarding the interest of the society in such proceedings.

21. To employ all necessary staff and personal to man the various Institution like Nurse, Doctors, Teachers, Social Workers, Attenders, etc., upon such terms as to salary and otherwise and to suspend, dismiss, discharge such employees.

22. To print, publish and exhibit films, journals, periodicals, books, lectures and other reading and pictorial matters for the dissemination of useful knowledge and furtherance of the educational and moral ideals of the society.

23. Generally to do, execute and perform all and every and any acts, deeds and things as may be incidental to the exercise of powers in furtherance of the objects of the society and as may be felt conducive and fit therefore.

24. To subscribe to or donate or to financially and otherwise and in such manner and for such period as the society may decide, any other organization, religious, charitable or secular with similar objects of a general or limited kind whether such organization is governmental or purely private or partly so.