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Society of Don Guanella Major Seminary

Reg. No. SI 84/1998

Samupillai Nagar, Cuddalore - 607 001

About Us

1. The society shall have and exercise all powers to purchase and sell properties, movable and immovable, to purchase and sell all, any and every equipment, Hospital Equipment, laboratory Equipment, needed by the various Institution.

2. To gather, collect and realize all monies, dues out standings, dividends, and grant-in-aid due and payable to the society or to its Institutions.

3. To construct and erect buildings of all types and kinds and all other structures, to demolish in part or whole any buildings or structure pursuant to any order of any government, or local Authority acting under any law or regulations or rule governing the matter or as may be decided upon by the society.

4. To have and open bank accounts in such names and in number as may be necessary for the due carrying out of the activities of the society, to invest monies in bank deposits and government securities and otherwise on any of the properties of the society.

5. To borrow monies for the purpose of the society with or without interest and unsecured or secured by way of mortgage or charge of otherwise on any of the properties of the society.

6. To take on lease, license or otherwise, on such terms as may be decided upon immovable property to meet the needs of the society and in Institutions and related agencies.